The Game Is About To Change



Improve landing ratios with
the hook that locks fish in place.




Make More Casts. Land More Fish.

Spend less time re-rigging baits and more time fishing

Improve lure performance and angler efficiency

Improve landing ratios and catch more fish

Award Winning

There are two universal problems that plague every angler and we’ve all accepted them as part of fishing, but now we have proof that the very tool we use to catch fish is a big part of those problems.  Trapper Tackle has addressed those issues and with a revolutionary new hook design that earned the coveted ICAST New Product Showcase Best of Show Award.

The patented Trapper Box design improves both bait and fish retention so you make more casts and land more fish.  For recreational anglers less time re-rigging and more time spent fishing means a more enjoyable fishing experience.  For professional fishing guides and tournament anglers the improvement in angler efficiency and landing ratios means everything!

See What Anglers Are Saying About Trapper Hooks

The new Trapper Hook, I believe is the beginning of a new revolution in design and the use of physics to make a better mousetrap.

Terry Brown

President, Wired2Fish.com

This will revolutionize fishing!

Bennie Wiese

SA Bass Magazine

With over 300 fish catches I noticed a significant improvement in landing ratios. This hook will raise any angler’s game!

Vince Hurtado

Former Bassmaster Elite Series Pro

The design and use of this hook has helped me to compete at a higher level of fishing and be successful at it. I have used the Trapper hook with many baits like Zoom Lizards, Bass Pro Shop and Yamamoto Senko worms and with many types of creature baits and it has helped me not only catch more fish, but also to cash some checks in tournaments. I am a customer for life!

Greg Buda

Tournament Angler

My hook-up ratio increased dramatically and I’ve yet to lose a fish I’ve hooked with a Trapper!

Michael Hatton

Tournament Angler

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