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Trapper Tackle – Classified Mission

We assembled a battalion of anglers across the country and put them on a mission to prove that Trapper Hooks hold fish better than conventional hook designs...Mission Accomplished. Make more casts and land more fish with Trapper Hooks....

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Trapper Tackle Pro Tips – Dropshot Fishing Docks

Trapper Tackle Pro Vince Hurtado shares tips on one of the most popular finesse fishing techniques and shows you how to catch fish under shaded docks with finesse baits rigged on Trapper's Dropshot - Live Bait - Finesse Hook. Trapper Hook:...

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Make More Casts & Land More Fish With Trapper Hooks

Years of on the water testing and refinement have yielded a revolutionary hook design that has been proven to significantly improve bait retention and fish retention, solving problems that plague every angler. Problem:  Re­-rigging baits...

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