160622 Trapper Heavy Cover Offset Super Wide Gap Hook XXX Heavy per white

Heavy Cover Offset Super Wide Gap Hook

$6.79 - $34.79

Trapper Hooks improve bait retention and fish retention so you make more casts and land more fish.

Product Description

Made from XXX Heavy Gauge hi-carbon steel and designed to yank big fish out of heavy cover and structure, Trapper’s Heavy Cover Offset Super Wide Gap Hook provides extra bite and better hook ups, making it ideal for frog fishing and flipping in and around thick vegetation and structure.

The additional weight and enlarged belly of the hook also increases fall rate and creates a natural gliding descent for weightless rigged baits like flukes and monster worms and creates a keel that keeps the bait from rolling over when being worked fast or erratically.

Additional Information


Size 3/0, Size 4/0, Size 5/0

Wire Gauge



x2, x25, x4


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